WS824(3)i IP PBX System
◆Innovative design appearance
WS824(3)i,with a new appearance design,both beautiful fashion , the user can also according to the environment will be hanging products or flat on the table.Reasonable structure,very suitable for small and medium enterprises to install use.
◆Good compatibility and expansibility
WS824(3)I,compatible with traditional switch function, and can do small  IP platform, more remote IAD terminal can be used as a traditional IP PBX. Support WS824 series key phone to access, inheritance WS824 series products of the operating system, users can through the simple operation and set up the realization of the function of products.
◆IP PBX The first cost-effective hybrid IP PBX
As a traditional analog hybrid switch, can easily extend the IP function, in the global network areas use IP phone, or IP soft phone,call as inside each dial, flexible and convenient.At the same time, also support for more than2 sets of IP switch IP network, become the IP switch from side or terminal at the next higher level, each other can be free to make calls through the network.
◆Improve the management applications
System reserved call management software interface, support to monitor system, setting and call management; IP PBX system part using a WEB interface to set up and planning, and can carry out online backup and import.
◆Improve performance
WS824 (3)i based on existing analog hybrid as a hardware platform,the use of advanced SMT technology and multi-panel design, the user application to handle more sensitive new, and better protect the stability of the product. Fully support for multi-standard nowadays the trunk line and terminal equipment.
◆Improve the function of the system
WS824 (3)i,besides equipped with traditional switch function, also support the dual mode of computer operator, the extension number, automatic economic routing, mobile account management, Check list extension information, and other functions,and allow the user to get new experience of switch function, improve office efficiency.
System capacity:4 Co lines and 16 Exts, cann't expand.